20170207_090109It has been a while since we began to think about a way to celebrate these first 50 years of activity of our cable car, here on the Web with you. We had tons of ideas, but the majority wasn’t really good, but then we had an epiphany!

The light bulb over our heads turned on: why couldn’t we create a blog about the cable car?

We know that there are a lot of blogs nowadays, and really for everything, so why should we create another one? Maybe because we wanted to bother our Website guests with the same old texts about how beautiful and unique our cable car is? Honestly, it is, particularly when you arrive on the top and you stand just speechless in front of the incredible landscape that you can admire from there above, but no, this won’t be the main subject of our blog, and the cable car too won’t be. Will it speak about trekking or ski slopes, you might be asking yourself. Neither, because we wanted it to be like an island, part of a beautiful atoll, but it should be a small and central island, one of those that get confused among the others, one that nobody sees unless he is truly looking for it or he truly need it. An island, which resembles to our amazing employees, industrious bees (our Matteo will certainly love this definition) always ready with their equipment to arrange a plastic rug, a door or whatever is not working properly, maybe also a telescope in our Museum.

We think that at this point you should have understood about what our blog is going to speak: about our wonderful employees, who every day put a great effort, but also a lot of passion in their job to open the cable car in the better way possible, and who welcome our guests with a smile on this incredible “small toy hanged to a cable over an abyss” that is our cable car (we will explain this quote in another post, promised).

See you soon on our blog!

Your team of cable car storytellers.






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