JJEP4127Starting June 25th, 2016, the Marmolada Move to the Top# cable car lift will be newly operative, so those who love the mountains even in the summer can take some exciting high-altitude adventures and explore the highest summit in the Dolomites on foot or by mountain bike!

On the same day the Marmolada Museum of the Great War (museo Marmolada Grande Guerra 3000 m) will reopen its doors. The museum is located at the Serauta cable car station and houses a large number of artifacts and relics, including photographs and testimonials from the soldiers fighting under different flags among the ice and snow on the Queen of the Dolomites. There is also a large plastic model replica of the famous “City of Ice” that was carved out of the glacier by the Austrian army.

During the summer season, the recently renovated snack bar at the bottom of the cable car lift will be open, as will the self-service restaurant at Serauta where you can get a taste of the distinctive dishes from the Dolomite tradition during lunch in a large hall with panoramic views.




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