Winter season


22.12.2022 – 11.04.2023 Following the great summer success of the personal exhibition of Fabio Vettori, “Ants on Marmolada”, the opening period of the exhibition is extended also to the Winter season 2022/2023. During your skiing days, you will be able to visit this interesting and amusing exhibition of Fabio Vettori’s works, peopled by the large … Read more


22.12.2022 – 11.04.2023 Besides skiing also history. Marmolada has a lot to offer: sport, nature and culture. For this, the Museum of WWI at 3000 m is organising also for the Winter season the guided tours to the exhibition. A unique experience to discover through the tales of experienced local guides the life of soldiers … Read more

Thanks to Everyone

This Winter season is now over and we would like to thank all people who came to visit us and all who followed us on the social media during these months. Thanks for having skied with us on the Bellunese ski slope, thanks for having enjoyed with us the beauty of the Dolomites’ landscape, thanks … Read more

The Winter Season is NEARLY over

By then, the Winter season 2021/2022 is nearly over. Only one weekend parts our cabins from a well deserved Spring rest, necessary also to find them again fresh and shining at the beginning of the Summer season. However, you don’t have to worry! On the contrary, take advantage of this weekend for a last descent … Read more

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