We are finally back! Here we are, in fact, with a new and fresh interview, just made. This time, we had the pleasure to have a chat with our three new colleagues, arrived right at the beginning of this Winter season 2017/2018, we were wondering how they lived their first experience on the Marmolada, and down here you can read the answers of these three nice new entries. We would like just to add that for every new guy coming to work on the cable car, there is an experienced worker (not because he worked for more time in the sector, but because he has been working for more time for our society), who has to help him to integrate in the group, and who has to explain him how cabins work, how they have to be driven, and what to do in case of emergencies. Nothing is left aside, but let see from Andrea’s, Giorgio’s and Alessandro’s words if this system really works so well.

  • Name?

A: Andrea

G: Giorgio

Al: Alessandro

  • Surname?

A: Da Rif

G: Rosson

Al: Corongiu

  • Nickname on the cable car?

A: None. Unless they gave me one behind my back.

G: I don’t think I have one.

Al: None, to my knowledge.

  • Age?

A: 37 years old

G: 59 years old

Al: 23 years old

  • Where do you come from?

A: Vallada Agordina (BL)

G: Agordo (BL)

Al: Atzara (NU) – Sardinia

  • How did you arrive on the Marmolada?

A: Two friends of mine, who have been working here for years, Marco and Gabriele, told me that the director was looking for new guys to employ, so here I am.

G: I was looking for a job and a friend, Andrea [another Andrea, not the one we are interviewing yet Ed.], suggested to me that I could call and ask for a job interview.

Al: As Giorgio and Andrea, I was told by a friend of mine, Roberto, to apply for a job [Roberto, is Roberto Fiorini, one of our old acquaintances, just have a look to our previous interviews Ed.].

  • How did it go your first season at 3000 m?

A: Very well.

G: Great, it has been a nice season.

Al: I truly enjoyed it, I survived even to -28° C

  • Did you feel that being the “new one” has been a burden for you?

A: Absolutely not. I’ve never even felt as being treated as the “new one”.

G: No, also because everyone welcomed me in the best way possible.

Al: No, actually I received a warm welcome.

  • What do you like of your job? What do you dislike?

A: I work with Gianni [another of our old acquaintances, isn’t he? Ed.] on the ski slopes and that is what I like the most. I love skiing and being the whole day on the snow is my dream job. However, there is also another side to the coin: fog and bad weather, and this is the side I don’t like so much.

G: That’s a difficult one. Honestly, I like everything of this job. I’m one of the cabin drivers, and during this Winter season I drove cabin 4, Banc-Serauta section.

Al: [He thinks a little bit about the answer… Ed.] I love working at a high height! [Maybe, it’s for this reason that Alessandro worked as cabin driver in cabin 6, Serauta-Punta Rocca section, for the whole Winter…Ed.]

  • When you were a child, which was your dream job? Have you ever thought you would end up working on a cable car?

A: No, in reality, when I was a kid, I wanted to be a mechanic.

G: Honestly, I don’t remember what I wanted to become as a kid, too many years have passed [he starts giggling… We didn’t know we were so exhilarating Ed.].

Al: No, as a kid, I wanted to drive heavy trucks.

  • Is there a comic episode, which happened to you during this first season, and which is still making you laugh?

A: Working on the ski slopes, I’m not so much in contact with people, so normally I listen to comic episodes, more than telling them.

G: None really remarkable. They happen from time to time, but no one is so exhilarating that I’m still remembering it.

Al: Many happened, but there is a question that truly floored me: “Why the more you go up, the faster you run?” [Cabins, apart from the moment they exit or enter into the station, run always at 12 m/s in normal weather conditions, so it’s impossible to go faster, going up to the top Ed.]

  • In your opinion, which is Marmolada’s strength? And which is its weakness?

A: Its strength is certainly the incredible landscape that you can enjoy from the top, while I can’t think about a weakness yet.

G: The breath-taking landscape and its long ski slope [La Bellunese: 12 km from Punta Rocca to Malga Ciapela Ed.] are certainly two of its strengths. On the other hand, I can’t find any weakness so far.

Al: The wonderful landscape is an unparalleled strength. While the weather, which changes continuously could be a weakness, but that’s just my opinion.

  • What would you like to say to people reading your interview?

A: Come on the Marmolada, it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world!

G: We invite you to come and visit us!

A: You have absolutely to come and visit us, the landscape that you can enjoy from the top of the Marmolada is unique!

We would like to thank our cable car workers for this funny interview. They helped us closing this season 2017/2018 in the best way possible: with a smile.

We would like also to thank you, our wonderful reader, who followed our attempt of blogging during the last months. We promise that we won’t let you without news from us, even if the Winter season is over.

Keep an eye on our website, because we could be back in every moment!

Your team of cable car storytellers.

Operatori funiviari - Andrea, Giorgio, Alessandro






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