FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Marmolada accessible for pssengers with special needs?
Yes, of course! The funicular lift and all the opportunities that are part of the Marmolada package (Marmolada Museum of the Great War, scenic terrace, bar, self-service restaurant, restroom facilities) are accessible to individuals with special needs. Special needs services are a “must” included in the Marmolada package to provide everybody with the extraordinary experience that only the Queen of the Dolomites can offer.

Can pregnant women ride the funicular?
The funicular lift provides a quick ride from one high altitude to another even higher altitude, with significant drops in oxygen and temperatures, and it is not recommended for women in their third trimester of pregnancy to change altitudes higher than 800 metres, unless they are used to local conditions. Therefore, we suggest using the simple rules of common sense and follow the advice of your doctor.

Can people with heart conditions take the funicular?
It is strongly ill advised for those with heart and/or blood pressure problems to ride the funicular lift. You need to take into consideration that at higher elevations there is less oxygen. Cases may differ but as a general rule this is also a case where it is advisable to use common sense, don’t take any unnecessary risks and follow the advice of your doctor.

Can dogs ride the funicular lift?
Yes, but following necessary rules and precautions, like dogs on a leash and wearing a muzzle. Dog owners will be held fully responsible for the behaviour of their animals.

Is any particular clothing or equipment required to ride the funicular?
The rules of common sense always apply. We advise wearing clothing and equipment appropriate to the season and the mountains. Even in summer, at higher than 2000 metres the temperatures can dip quite low. Weather conditions are also prone to change suddenly.
Visitors and hikers are strongly advised to wear mountain boots or trekking boots as well as a wind-breaker. Inside the funicular station (Museum of the Great War, self-service restaurant, etc.) no specific clothing is required but it is absolutely forbidden to venture out of the building (onto the ice, in the Sacred Monument Area and for other excursions) without the necessary equipment.

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