A spectacular event, which has been proposed for a couple of years yet by Marmolada Srl. This is “Sunrise from the Queen”. You go up to Punta Rocca, while everything is still plunged in the darkness to admire the sun rising from 3.265 m.

Once that the sun has risen, you will go back to Serauta to have a tasty and abundant breakfast, to begin your day in the best possible way.

This Winter, the event will take place from December, 28th to January, 25th, the last Friday in December and every Friday in January.

Program of the “Sunrise from the Queen”:

06.30        Departure from Malga Ciapèla;

06.45        Short coffee break in Serauta;

07.00        Trip to Punta Rocca for the sunrise;

07.30         – For skiersDescent toward Malga Ciapèla. Return to Serauta for breakfast before the official
opening time (08:40) only with a valid ticket (ex. Superski);

– For non skiersWith cable car to Serauta for breakfast and afterwards free descent to Malga Ciapèla.

The ticket costs 40 € per person and it includes the ticket for the first trip at 6.30, the coffee break in Serauta, the rich breakfast buffet in Serauta restaurant and the ticket for the trip back to Malga Ciapèla.

Because in case of bad weather conditions, the event could be cancelled, we suggest you the day before to:

– Call the number 0437 522984 before 5.30 pm or

– To visit the homepage of our website or our Facebook page after 5.30 pm.

Reservation, which gives you priority, can be done calling 0437 522984 or writing an email to

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