Regeln für die Reise

Regeln für die Reise
For us, your security is fundamental and for this reason, we ask you to respect some easy rules, for when you choose to travel with Marmolada cable car.

In the interest of the customers safety and of the regularity of transport, the traveler should respect all the rules concerning the management and use of the cable car, and they should as well align to the warnings of the responsible personnel and, in particular, they should observe the following requirements:

  1. To cooperate to the regularity of the transport;
  2. To behave so that you are not putting in danger other people and you are not doing any damage;
  3. Do not enter the stations or the cabins, when the staff in charge is not present;
  4. Do not touch or activate the security and warning buttons;
  5. Do not provoke in any way possible the oscillation of the cabins;
  6. Do not travel into the cabin in a wrong position;
  7. Do not damage the cabins or the stations;
  8. Do not throw any kind of object from the cabin;
  9. Do not smoke during the trip.

It is forbidden to travel to customers, who are clearly drunk or in abnormal psycho-physical conditions, who are not sufficiently protected for the present environmental conditions, who are carrying objects, which are blocking the entry to the cabin or which can compromise the security of people and of the cable car.

To travel on the cable car, the customer has to own a ticket, which has to be used following the procedures established for a right use of the tickets reader machine and of the people counter. The price of the ticket includes the the transport of skis and of a small luggage, not too bulky and not exceeding 10 Kg, which should not contain dangerous materials (explosives, toxic or polluting substances, etc.)

Big or medium size dogs have to wear leash and muzzle, the same has to be applied also to small size dogs, even if they are carried in their owners hands. Dogs have always to be under the control of its owner, who is going to take the whole responsibility for its dog’s actions.

Customers must respect the norms issued by the competent authority and by the Management of the Society of the cable car dealer, in the interest of the regularity of the service. The norms are exhibited in every station and in every cable. Besides, customers must respect also the other dispositions, which should be given by the cable car agents, in order to avoid any accident.

In case of cable car service interruption, which will require a security intervention, the customers must respect the disposition given by the cable car staff, avoiding any personal initiative, even if, in some particular condition, they think they can save others and themselves on their own.

Customers must answer to any consequence originated by their non-compliance of one of the norms, here above.

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