Q&A for your Next Trip to Marmolada

Since last year, we all have been forced to learn how to coexist with CoVid-19. Many aspects of our everyday-life have changed, as well as our way of working, living and also travelling.

In December, we were ready to welcome you for the 2020/2021 Winter season. We had prepared everything to guarantee you a safe skiing holiday, unluckily the second wave of Covid-19 forced us to keep our lifts closed.  We have not been able to welcome you on the Queen of the Dolomites yet, but we are still hopeful to be able to welcome you back next Summer. We are already getting ready, hoping that it will be a more and more CoVid-free season.  

Holidays might not be your priority right now, but we hope that you don’t lose your desire to dream distant or nearby places to explore, when we get rid of this pandemic. For this reason, we decided to answer here below to some of the many questions that we have received.

At the moment, we don’t have any certain information; unluckily, the third wave is more and more real. We hope that within May the peak of this wave will be far away and that we will be able to welcome you again on our lifts. Obviously, we are going to open only under the best security conditions we can offer to our customers and to our team. We hope to be able to welcome you again as soon as possible, we really care about you and we really want you to be able to enjoy the beauty of the landscape that you can admire from our terrace at 3.265 m or to enjoy the tales about the Great War that you can find in our Great War Museum – Museo Marmolada Grande Guerra 3000 m.

This is certainly a measure that needs to be discussed at a governmental level with the companies involved. What we can promise you is that if we open, we will try to take all the necessary measures needed to guarantee you a safe transport to the top, reducing also the capacity of our cabins and guaranteeing the forced ventilation during the ride, keeping the windows open. We will also continue to sanitize the stations, the cabins and the halls several times per day, fully respecting the directives of the health authorities.

At the opening, extraordinary measures will be taken in that sense to guarantee you a totally safe experience, maintaining the right distance in order to let you peacefully buy your tickets and get on the cabin.

The opening of the museum depends on next Governmental decrees or other regulations published on this topic. Before the opening, we will do our best to promptly give you all the details about, for example, the adopted security measures, the forced ventilation, the disinfections, the regulation of entries, etc. to let you organise and live in the best way possible your visit to the museum and to Marmolada.

We are working on this topic. For the moment being, you can certainly buy online the passes of Dolomiti Supersummer. Once bought online, the Dolomiti Supersummer tickets can be collected at the ticket box that you can find also at the entrance of the ski-pass office nearby the departure station of the cable car in Malga Ciapela.

Other doubts or questions?

Please do not hesitate to write us an email to All the sent questions won’t be published, but we will update this page with all the answers you think are useful for your trip.



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