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The company

Funivie Tofana e Marmolada SpA, founded as a stock company in 1965, operates the ropeways on the Marmolada and the ropeways of the Tofana-Freccia nel Cielo area in Cortina d'Ampezzo.


The cable-railway net Marmolada has a total of 3 cable-railway segments. The first mountain station Banc d'Antermoja is on 2.350m, the second Serauta on 2.950m and the third station Punta Rocca on 3.265m, just next to Punta Penia 3.342m, the highest mountain point of the Dolomites.


1963 -1965

Planning the then unique ropeway plant with a capacity of 400 Pers./h


Construction of the plant to Serauta, a pioneer work at the time.


Completion of the third segment to Punta Rocca.


Construction of the chair- and barlifts.


Visit of Pope Johannes Paul II and consecration of the Madonna statue "Regina delle Dolomiti".


Connection with the Sella Ronda Tour of Dolomiti Superski.


Opening of the First World War Museum in Serauta


Change of management and reorganization


Member of Dolomiti Superski


Final political affiliation of the glacier after decades of controversy. Now the glacier belongs to the province Trento and the cliff formations with the cable-railway plants to the province Belluno.


Reconstruction of the three cable-railways from Malga Ciapèla to Punta Rocca with a capacity of 1.000 Pers./h.

The Marmolada

The Marmolada is the biggest glacier in the Dolomites area and because of its height (3.342m)and uniqueness has the name "Regina delle Dolomiti" (Queen of the Dolomites). The Marmolada is a glacier in between Veneto and Trentino, and it is the only skiable glacier in the Dolomites. Words fail to describe the magnitude of the Marmolada. But once you see it and feel the fascination that radiates it, you will understand its singularity.
Immediately below the massif mountain is Malga Ciapèla at 1.450m. It is an alp enclosed by high mountains at the end of the Pettorina valley.The only access, and a difficult one, used to be via the Sottoguda gorge. Malga Ciapèla belongs politically to the municipality of Rocca Pietore 10 km away and is in the province Belluno.


The Serrai di Sottoguda gorge, considered one of the wonders of the Veneto Alps, runs for about two kilometres between the villages of Malga Ciapèla and Sottoguda. The origin of the Serrai is lost in the mists of time. It was first the result of erosion by the glaciers which was then replaced by erosion by the water of the stream Pettorina that winds along the gorge.

The gorge can be visited both in summer and winter, and in both seasons you can enjoy the spectacular natural scenery that it offers. In winter you can ski down the round winding past steep walls of ice.The gorge is famous among Ice-Climbers who find ideal conditions to practice this extreme sport. The tourist board Marmolada organizes torch-light walks giving you fascinating and unforgettable moments in this picturesque and unique gorge .

In the second mountain station Serauta there is a museum of the 1.Word War. The Museum is located at the centre of the “Monument Zone”, and thus near to the Italian and Austrian-Hungary positions during the war. These tunnels, caves and footpaths have recently been made accessible (summer). Here you can experience the challenging conditions in which the soldiers had to combat and survive. The museum is open at the same time as the cable car. Entrance is free.

In the mountain station Punta Rocca there is a grotte cave with a Madonna statue, which was consecrated by the Pope John Paul II and has been a much vistied pilgrimage spot since.

The cable-railway allows the skiers the access to the ski carousel Superski Dolomiti with more than 450 plants and 1.200 slope kilometers.

From all the stations you can enjoy a unique view.

Punta Rocca is where the red slope starts, the "Bellunese", that winds down for 12 kilometres and disposes of a height difference of 1.810m to the start of the cable car in Malga Ciapèla. It was this slope where in 1935 the world's first Giant Slalom "Gigantissimo della Marmolada" was competed.

A lot of films have been set in the Marmolada area and/or in the Sottoguda gorge, like “Marco Polo”, “Cliffhanger” with Silvester Stallone, “L’ultima neve di primavera”, “Black tunnel” and many others.

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