Mountain Bike

The Marmolada area offers many different opportunities even for the MTB lovers, who cannot leave their “two wheeled friends” at home.


This is a long and demanding, 90 km long, itinerary, which will drive you on different paths (paved roads, tracks, bike paths) around Marmolada mountain, offering you a 360° view of the highest massif of the Dolomites. The starting and arriving point is Malga Ciapela. You will ride through the Pettorina valley, up the Fedaia and the San Pellegrino Passes, and back to Malga Ciapela.

From the car park of Marmolada #MoveToTheTop cable car, you will face immediately the legendary ascent of the Fedaia Pass, which starts at 1450 m and arrives at 2057 m. Before, you will find a 3 km long straight 14% grade road, then the hairpin turns will drive you at the Fedaia lake. From this point on, you will rapidly descend, arriving in Canazei, the first town of the Fassa valley. You have then to continue your ride until Moena, where you will begin to climb again along the San Pellegrino Pass, starting point of the Col Margherita cable car, which arrives at an extraordinary panoramic terrace at 2514 m. Cycling along a dizzying descent, you will reach Falcade, Canale d’Agordo, the hometown of Pope Luciani, and then Cencenighe, where the descent ends, and you have to climb up again towards Alleghe, and then Malga Ciapela.


Demanding itinerary towards the Forca Rossa pass, the main communication path between Malga Ciapela and the San Pellegrino Pass during the Great War. From the car park of Marmolada #MoveToTheTop cable car, you have to walk along the road, which brings to the camping, and to the Miola’s farm. Here, you will find the track that climbs up to Malga Franzedaz, continuing then on a mule track to Forca Rossa peak. To go back, you can choose to return on the same path, or you can pursue until the San Pellegrino Pass, and then return, following the main road, to Rocca Pietore/Sottoguda.

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